Guardian of Valor – Fake US Army Ranger

Check out this link: Fake US Army Ranger on the Guardian of Valor website.

Boy, the hits just keep on coming. Yep, liars aren’t afraid. They talk big. Have you been told a tall tale about someone being a US Army Ranger in the Flathead Valley – Kalispell, MT? Apparently, there is a poser that has told people in the Kalispell area of his Army Ranger duty. Contact Guardian of Valor with the details. It can be oral or in writing.



It sure is the rage today to try to fake your way into a position at a company or even within a company. We have received have received a person’s name that has been sent to us repeatedly.

Here’s a hint, check out Instagram for a fat, boisterous, balding, cigar smoking and drinking guy. He has been spotted at the NRA show sporting the red, white and blue flag…. Apparently, there is plenty of evidence to call out the poser. This guy has been telling a lot of people about his accomplishments, but with some simple research, a lot of his talk (and social media writings) have been discredited. The sad fact is that some of the people and companies that he does business with know his shady background. Uh Oh. What does that say.

He lives in Kalispell, Montana and works in the firearm industry and/or publishing industry. Stay tuned….