Fake Army Ranger

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Fake Army Ranger

There is, allegedly, from anonymous sources, a possibility in NW Montana that there is a guy posing or has posed as an Army Ranger that is similar to the Robert Joseph story on Guardian of Valor. He allegedly may work in the magazine or publishing industry, marketing, firearms manufacturing industry, as a photographer or as a fishing guide. Anyone in heard of a guy posing or has posed as a Army Ranger in NW Montana? Have you been scammed or told by him that he’s something that he is not? If so, contact Guardian of Valor.

Lance Armstrong – except without the talent or fame…

Everyone pretty much knows who Lance Armstrong is. He’s the cyclist that won an unprecedented seven Tour de France wins. Lance started his career off strong, making it to the Tour. Once there, he knew that the only way he could win was to do whatever it took to give him the edge to win. Unfortunately for Lance, that meant using performance enhancing drugs. It got him a Tour win, it also may have given him cancer. He fought the cancer, but couldn’t fight the fact that the only way he could win was to cheat. Not only did he cheat, he made sure his teammates did as well. If they didn’t, they were off the team. Once at the top, people started to wonder how he got there. Lance’s answer was always hard work. Lance loved to promote himself and his effort. If anyone questioned Lance, he’d throw them under the bus, including his friends and the people that got him there. How? He’d black ball them and he’d lie. He would tell the press and the industry that his “haters” were alcoholics, paranoid, using drugs and had rage problems. He would also sue anyone or agency that was investigating his past and present use of performance enhancing drugs or questioning his work ethic. The problem is that there were too many people that knew Lance was doping and who he is as a person. That didn’t stop Lance, he figured that know one would question him and they would all be discredited. He made sure of it, or at least “worked” as hard as he could to ensure that the myth was so big that he was beyond failure. It worked, for a while… Lance’s arrogance and narcissism couldn’t outrun the facts. There were too many people that knew, participated and had evidence against him. All of a sudden, his sponsors went away and BOOM! Game Over. He tried to actually apologize to the people he tried to destroy. He made life hell for his ex-friends for up to 10 years. One would have to wonder why he only apologized AFTER he was caught. Must have been astonishing to those receiving the apology. A must watch documentary is on Netflix, called “Stop At Nothing”. This is a great inside look at the rise and fall of Armstrong.

So what is Lance Armstrong – without the talent or fame? There are Lance Armstrong wanna-be’s out there everywhere. In your personal or professional life. These narcissists love to tell you their accomplishments; what they have built or done. They have an extensive resume. What do you mean without talent and fame? Well, these people aspire to be famous or “relevant”, and like Armstrong, will do whatever it takes. They will tell you how talented they are and how good their skill set is on many levels. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Wonder why they aren’t still at the company where they claimed that they founded, built or “brought to another level”. Ask if they still have relationships with those people. Why did they move on? Ask if they have current ties to those people or companies or industry. Better yet, do some digging on your own, ask the people that knew him or worked with him. It doesn’t take much to find out facts from people. You can find out that any ideas or concepts are not there own, but usually taken off of the internet and rebranded as their own. Go figure. They also like to take credit for someone else’s talent or creativity. That is not talent. The only fame that these people get is when they fall on their face, because they won’t ever get to be famous. They have no friends or credibility in their profession. They are ugly people on the inside and the outside. Remember, if they claim to be talented or creative, it’s someone else’s talent and creativity. If they claim to be an athlete or elite soldier, they are probably fat and overweight and reliving the non-existant glory days in their head. They work really hard at perception. You get the picture…

Integrity – Your past, present and future

Everyone makes mistakes, to err is human. There are some people that hide behind this philosophy, you probably see it every day now. The politicians that get caught lying, cheating or stealing, then have to “apologize”. They made a mistake. The problem is that a person or politician who conjures up stories, lies, embellishes, and gets caught and “issues an apology” are not really making an apology at all. The only apology they are making is one to themselves; I am sorry I got caught.

If lies got you where you are today and have molded your integrity, then that is you are who you are. Your integrity for the present is the same as your past, especially since you perpetuate it. Your future has a predictable outcome. People know your past and who you are. If they don’t, then they will, that is a given. It doesn’t take much and it will be coming out. It seems like it happens everyday, and it’s going to be more often as real Americans won’t put up with it.

Stolen Valor – Your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend? Probably.

There are a lot of poser wanna-be’s out there! For whatever reason, they claim to be a lot of things in the military; wounded in action, deployed with a CIB, a pilot, a Navy Seal, an Army Ranger/Army SF, sniper, whatever. These loser guys and gals could be your neighbor, co-worker or even a friend. They are quick to point out or suggest that they are one of these decorated soldiers, however, they “don’t want to talk about it” or “I have seen some bad things/shit” and you hear from them “I don’t want to revisit that part of my life”. These people usually will not provide documentation of their badges/scrolls/tabs any paperwork, most importantly, their DD214.

These scumbags tend to switch jobs, lose friends and move around the country to keep from getting caught when people ask questions. Most people that “embellish” were actually in the military, and they just want the narcissistic accolades for doing or being someone else. They could be officers or enlisted personnel, politicians, or even newscasters (think Brian Williams or Hillary Clinton). These people try to “fake it till they make it”. The more they embellish and flat out lie, the more engrained in their head that it really happened or that’s who they really are and the people that surround them tend to believe them. Mst people give another the benefit of the doubt. These liars make society jaded.

The problem with these people is that once they compromise their integrity, it doesn’t stop there, it transitions over to their personal life and their jobs. They tend to lie to their spouses, family, friends and neighbors about themselves non-military personal accomplishments (yes, more “embellishments” and lies) and their non-military jobs (once again more “embellishments” and lies). Most of these people try to clamor their way up the ladder in their personal life, their job or industry and their pocketbook. They are quick to take credit for themselves and other, especially when it is undeserved to acheive what they want. They love to toot their own horn. Most of these people can be very personable and persuasive. Persuasion through the use of omitting the facts or telling lies makes for interesting stories and they have to be personable in order to get you to believe them.

Follow this link to Guardian of Valor: Click here to go their site

Remember, liars don’t like to provide documentation and don’t like to have anything that they lie about in writing (but they slip up, there are always text messages, Instagrams, FB and emails). Their answer to you calling them out will be trying to throw it back into you face or saying that “the media lied”, or “you weren’t there” or “I never said that” or “that’s not what I said.”

Please, please, don’t be afraid to contact these organizations that oust Stolen Valor. Post their name and what they have said on their FB site. Provide the all the documentation you can. (It’s still a lie if it’s verbal and they always lie to more than one person). Donate to the cause of rooting out the men and women that steal honor from those who serve honorably.